Chrome: Making Bathrooms Shine

Decorating a bathroom can be one of the most daunting of all DIY jobs. Unlike other rooms, it is less obvious what works and what doesn’t. Bathroom spaces often capture the light more than other rooms, and therefore decorating in such a way which compliments light intake can also be an issue. However, there are some tried and tested ways to elevate a bathroom space – but surely one of the best is to utilise some chrome in your designs.

Of the many ways to use chrome, one of the most effective is to incorporate some chrome bathroom fittings, i.e. your bathroom taps, shower fittings etc. They will all be revitalized by using chrome – as, unlike cheaper-looking white fittings (for example), chrome bathroom fittings will not only show less dirt, but will also help to redistribute the light.

You could also install some chrome bathroom accessories uk, which, unlike replacing the bathroom fittings, can be done with minimal effort; with this in mind, you might opt for a chrome bin or  a chrome robe holder, which is a simple and affordable way to inject a touch of chrome glamour into a bathroom space.

Whatever you’re looking for, at Bathrooms2u we’ve got a vast range of chrome bathroom accessories uk and chrome fittings. No matter how much chrome you want to inject into a bathroom space, no matter how you want to do it, you are sure to find the perfect accessories and fittings – all at fantastic prices.

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