Equipping wetrooms

The key thing to consider when equipping wetrooms is that the shower doors must be of really good quality. Poorer shower doors without a good seal with the shower base (in wetrooms, the shower base can be larger than a normal shower tray) will let water flow out of the shower space and across the floor. Obviously, that’s not ideal. Wet bathroom floors are slippery and dangerous, particularly for the elderly and less physically capable. And, of course, they need to be cleaned up.

The shower doors should have a good rubber seal along the bottom, and not sit too far above the floor surface. They must also be fitted carefully to ensure they are perfectly level with the base of the shower. Keep in mind that the floor surface for wetrooms should be concrete or well-fitted tiles, or another non-porous building material. Otherwise, any excess water will cause problems. In particular, avoid plain wooden flooring, which can swell and warp under dampness and heat, or even rot.

Pay attention to bathroom cabinets as well. Keep in mind that although there are plenty of advantages to wetrooms, the floor can get wet, and therefore the base of your bathroom cabinets are likely to get damp once in a while. Choose plastic or well-sealed solid wood, rather than chipboard cabinets, to avoid any issues that might arise. At Bathroom2u, we’ve got plenty of good quality cabinets and shower doors, and everything else you need to equip a wetroom, or any other bathroom.

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