Grohe bathroom taps

Grohe bathroom taps and fittings are amongst our favourite products at Bathroom2u. As a company, Grohe produce some of the finest bathroom taps, shower valves, and fittings available anywhere in the world. They are the largest single-brand manufacturer of their kind in Europe, and we think their designs are some of the very best available. The company goes way back to 1936, so what they don’t know about bathroom fittings isn’t worth knowing.

They manufacture their bathroom taps and other products in Germany, Portugal, Thailand and Canada, and Grohe’s environmental credentials are exemplary. While more and more companies are establishing their environmental ethics as part of a new kind of corporate identity, Grohe’s WaterCare program stands out as a model of responsibility and a positive contribution to society. They also have progressive health and safety policies in their offices and factories.

While Grohe are a world-wide company, with a presence in more than 130 countries around the globe, their designs are distinctly German. The sleek modern lines speak of European aesthetics and an ultra-modern mindset. Not only are their products very efficient compared with most bathroom taps on the market today, they are aesthetically outstanding. The high-shine finish is easy to clean, and it’s slow to pick up mildew or bathroom grime.

Choosing Grohe taps for your bathroom means you will get the very best, and they are sure to compliment any cabinet or shower. Have a look at our wide range – we’re sure you’ll like what you see.

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