Moods bathroom taps

One of our more diverse brands, the Moods range of bathroom taps and fittings contains plenty of funky styles. If modern bathroom fittings are what you want for that special bathroom you’ve got planned, the Moods range is definitely the best place to look. Their products range from the sleek and elegant, to the chunky and bold, taking in the full spectrum of bathroom taps.

We particularly like their square-cut bathroom taps and accessories in the Moods Blox range. They are that rare thing in the world of interior design: something with a genuine difference. WIth this range,  even the faucets are cleverly designed to create an original and striking effect. You can choose from a variety of interesting shapes and arrangements, constructed from squares, rectangles, and right-angled edges. The Moods Lazio collection also has some fun designs, even reshaping the water as it flows into your sink.

If flowing curves and rich, rounded shapes are more your style, have a look at the Alpha range. If something a little more old fashioned is what you’re after, then perhaps try the Nostalgia range. There are plenty of options to choose from, and many different bathroom taps on offer in our Moods section. There really is something for everyone.

The Moods range also includes bathroom taps and bathroom fittings which are more suited to a modest budget than those of other premium bathroom tap manufacturers. You can have outstanding style and design without breaking out of your budget.

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