Wetrooms and Wellbeing

A wetroom is a thoroughly modern idea, and is a great way to inject a little minimalism into a home. However, it’s not all about aesthetics, and wetrooms will have several positive effects on health and wellbeing – making them a great idea for a variety of pre-existing health conditions.

For those who find it difficult to get in and out of showers or baths, then wetrooms are the ideal solution – as getting into your wetroom is as simple as entering your bathroom. The freedom of movement that a wetroom will afford the householder, makes them especially suited for sufferers of movement impairing conditions – such as arthritis.

Of course, wetrooms aren’t just suitable for specific conditions, and can provide therapy to all kinds of people. In particular, the elderly who may naturally suffer aches and pains, will be able to shower without the inconvenience of having to get into a shower or bath – which will also reduce the risk of slippage, which is a major cause of injury in older people.

Whilst there are some definite health benefits with a wetroom, they are not just the preserve of vulnerable or impaired individuals. They are a truly contemporary design feature in themselves – and a great way to transform a bathroom space into a thoroughly modern area.

So, if you want a wetroom, you’ll want to go to the right place.  At Bathrooms2u, we’ve got all this and more – whether you’re looking to completely reinvent your bathroom with a wetroom installation, or just want to optimize any existing space with a few affordable accessories.

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