What are wetrooms?

Put simply, wetrooms are a type of bathroom with a shower. Instead of having the shower in a tray or set above a bath tub, the floor beneath the shower is flat. Because the shower floor is completely level with the flooring of the whole room, water sometimes does get out past the shower doors and onto the floor as a matter of course, hence the name. However, choosing your shower base and shower doors well can prevent a lot of water from flowing across the whole floor.

The reasons some people choose wetrooms over bathrooms vary, but it may be that a flat floor is easier for a less able-bodied or elderly person to negotiate. In this case, the floor surface should be chosen very carefully, to ensure it is not slippery when wet. The flooring and shower tray is also easier to keep clean – an important factor in communal showering areas, for example. There are fewer edges and corners for mold, dirt, and mildew to build up in.

Wetrooms can also be a luxury option. The size of wetroom shower bases can be much larger than a standard shower tray, so with the right choice of shower valves, a truly decadent environment can be created. Many people also like the look of a tray-free shower – it goes well with an ultra-modern bathroom style. They are becoming increasingly popular with those building a new home from scratch, and with renovators looking for something a little bit different and special.

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