Which is better: a Wetroom or a Shower?

Perhaps more than any other room, functionality takes precedence in a bathroom space. However, this doesn’t mean that a bathroom precludes good design; with this in mind, installing a wetroom could not only be a great practical decision, but also has aesthetic implications. So, for function and design, which is better:  a shower or a wetroom?

Of course, everybody’s taste is different, and wetrooms will not necessarily complement all kinds of decor. However, if you really want to make a truly modern and minimalist bathroom space, then you can’t get much better that a wetroom.

However, this does not mean that electric showers are not fit for purpose – they are. And they are still much more ubiquitous that wetrooms; perhaps this is due to their relatively easy installation (when compared to wetrooms), or simply because homeowners have not yet had time to change over to a wetroom.

So, why would you go to the extra effort and cost of installing a wetroom? Well, wetrooms aren’t just design pieces. Instead, they also offer a variety of functional advantages: most notably, they offer an increased level of convenience, as there is no need to clamber into a bath or shower, which can be particularly precarious for the impaired, who risk slipping. This extra feeling of safety would be a major attraction to many potential customers.

So, in conclusion, whether showers or wetrooms are better is really a matter of taste, and will depend on various factors, such as any pre-existing health conditions and budget.

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