No More Ply – FAQ’s

No More PlyNo More Ply is a unique, easy to lay, water resistant tile backer board that overcomes all the problems of using plywood for overboarding. We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions to help you install No More Ply.

Q. How close to the edge can I screw the board?

A. Approximately 50mm from the edge for 6mm No More Ply, using the self-drilling No More Ply screws. With 9 & 12mm, you can screw approximately 20-25mm from the edge. If you need to screw closer than this, clearance holes should be drilled first.

Q. Which way up do I have to lay the boards?

A. Usually No More Ply is installed with the logo facing up, but it doesn’t actually make much difference!

Q. Can I use 6mm No More Ply onto vertical studs instead of plasterboard?

A. We recommend 9 or 12mm, however 6mm can be used if the studs are at no more than 400mm centres. Clearance holes will be need to be drilled where the board is screwed close to the edge. No join should be unsupported for more than 400mm. Use both screws and Mega Strength Adhesive for fixing to studs.

Q. Can I use ordinary grab adhesive or nails for fixing No More Ply?

A. No. The only approved fixing methods are a) Mega Strength and screws for fixing to timber, or b) Good quality cement-based flexible adhesive for fixing to solid floors and walls. These methods have been tried and tested, and anything other invalidates the guarantee.

Q. Do I have to use Mega Strength Adhesive onto timber floors, or can I just use screws?

A. Using Mega Strength is crucial to the success of the system. It is incredibly strong and essentially laminates the board to the floor. Remember to run a bead along each joint – as it cures, it expands, creating a waterproof seal and preventing movement. The screws hold the board in place while it cures.

For more information and advice about No More Ply visit call 0844 736 6200

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