Stuck choosing a wetroom kit?

Stuck on how to choose your wetroom kit, don’t worry we are here to help; It can be very confusing when trying to choose which wetroom products you need.  Our wetroom kits make this process very easy.

Just follow the flow chart to choose the right wetroom kit for your requirements.

Choose your Wetroom Kit

Let us help you choose the right wetroom kit

Now you know which wetroom system you require and is best for your needs, let our wetroom kit make the next choice as easy.

Everything you need, to give you the confidence to product a quality wetroom, economically and professionally, all in one kit

What you get:-

  • The Deck – High quality, and you can be confident you have made the right choice for your bespoke wetroom
  • The Drain – Highly crafted engineering with the no odour feature.  Designed and made especially to fit the deck
  • The Tanking Kit Membrane System – BSA Self Adhesive Membrane, Joint Tape,  sealant cartridge, inner corners Primer and roller OR Lastogum System – Lastogum Liquid, Flex Tape, Primer Inner corners, Pipe collars and brush

At Bathroom2u we pride ourselves on finding the correct solution for your requirements, our team of wetroom specialists are fully trained on the latest installation techniques and products.

So feel free to give our team a call on 0844 736 6200 no matter how big our small your requirements are or visit our Wetroom section on our website at

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