How to prevent limescale build up with Combimate

Cistermiser Combimate is filled with the appropriate amount of Combiphos which, when in contact with water is released in very small quantities, sufficient to keep the mineral ions in suspension.This action prevents the formation of scale while retaining the health benefits of the natural minerals contained in hard water. Combiphos coats the inside of the pipework, boiler heat exchanger and appliances with a non-residual, microscopic, protective coating to prevent scale-causing minerals from accumulating and aggressive soft water from corroding the system and appliances.

For more information about the Combimate, including installation instructions, take a look at Combimate pdf

Combimate is a user-friendly domestic limescale prevention device that uses Combiphos, a polyphosphate compound that is 100% food grade material approved by FAO/WHO and compliant with the European normative standard (BS) EN 1208 that prevents scale build-up and soft water corrosion in combination boilers and other domestic hot water appliances.



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