Automatic urinal flush control valve for schools

Cistermiser Standard Valve 

The hydraulic valve is an automatic urinal flush control valve. The valve uses a simple patented mechanism which prevents water waste by ensuring that the auto-flush cistern is only filled, and can only flush, when the washroom is used.




  • Automatic urinal flush control
  • Unique patented hydraulic mechanism – no electrical supply or batteries required
  • Industry leader with half a million already installed
  • ‘Fit and Forget’ quality and reliability
  • Ensures compliance with the Water Regulations


  • The valve is installed on the supply pipe to the urinal cistern.
  • The installer or user can adjust the time the valve remains open and therefore how long the cistern takes to fill and how much water is used. When the washroom is not being used the water supply pressure remains constant and the valve remains closed preventing water passing into the cistern.
  • The cistern can therefore only flush during periods when the washroom is in use, eliminating unnecessary water consumption and cost.

How it works

The Cistermiser hydraulic valve is installed on the supply pipe to the urinal cistern. The valve is activated by short-term pressure drops created by use of taps or WCs on the same supply.

The valve is normally closed; when it is activated it opens and water passes to the urinal cistern until the pressures on both sides of the valve are equalised. When the cistern is full the auto-siphon will flush.



The Cistermiser hydraulic valve consists of three main elements as shown above.

1) Diaphragm operated valve which, when opened, allows water to pass to the urinal cistern.

2) Hydraulic accumulator which, if fully charged, will maintain an equal supply-pressure on both sides of the diaphragm. When pressure on the inlet side is reduced, as other services are used, the pressure imbalance causes the valve (1) to open.

3) Adjuster (restrictor) screw which can be set during installation to determine the volume of water discharged into the cistern at each operation by altering the duration of the ‘open’ period.

Standard valve

The flushing control device shall be suitable for supply system pressures of between 0.5 and 6.0 bar (typically either mains water or tank-fed systems above 5m head).

Operating Sensitivity

  • 15% of supply pressure


For more information about the Cistermiser Standard Valve visit or call our sales team on 0845 508 3034


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