Cistermiser Combimate – Not a Water Softener

Cistermiser Combimate is not a water softener. Water softeners work by removing the calcium and magnesium from the water, whereas the Combimate uses Siliphos as an anti-scaling agent to reduce the amount of scale deposits by keeping the minerals which cause scale in a dissolved and suspended state at higher temperatures. As a result most scale-causing minerals pass through the system instead of forming scale deposits on heating elements in boilers, kettles and other appliances.

Installing a water softener will prevent future build up of scale, but the Cistermiser Combimate will reduce previous build up of scale along with preventing any future build-up. Other methods to reduce scale deposits have been tried; however the Combimate system is unique in terms of its simplicity, effectiveness, reliability, cost and maintenance.



For more information about Cistermiser Combimate visit or call our sales team on 0845 508 3034


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