DIY Wetrooms

Want a wetroom but don’t want to pay the professionals to do it? You can do it yourself with our our wetroom kits.

The Marmox Showerlay is for shower and wetroom situations, it is an under floor tray with an in-built 2% fall to the drain which may be centred or offset. Made of extruded styrene with polymer cement faces embedded in to glass fibre mesh. It is easily cut to any shape and intended for tiling (min size 25mm x 25mm). Only 20mm think to provide level-access floor. Needs under-boarding for support.

PCI Lastogum Tanking Kit Info:

  • Covers 5-7 mt sq.( 2 coats). Finest value kit available.
  • PCI Lastogum is the best quality tanking available, made by BASF in Germany for 24 years.
    Suitable for all flat or vertical surfaces made of any material. Simple to use low-cost product for novices and experts alike. Compatible with under floor heating and ready for tiling with no further preparation.
  • Brush on first coat with 3″ brush in one direction. Apply Flex Tape (supplied) along all joints , wall/floor join and vertically up internal corners and bed into PCI Lastogum with brush.
  • Allow to dry overnight or flash off 2hrs then apply second coat at 90 degree.

Kit Includes:

  • x1 Showerlay for level access (requires under-boarding support)
  • x1 Dallmer drain c/w stainless grid.Horizontal or Vertical outlet (please specify at the bottom of the page)
  • x1 Pipe reducer 2″ to 1 ½”
  • x1 8k tanking liquid lastogum (covers 7sqm)
  • x1 1 litre Primer for porous surfaces
  • x1 10mt Flex Tape for wall/floor joint and other gaps
  • x2 Flex internal corners
  • x2 Flex pipe collars
  • x1 75mm brush

For more information about the Marmox Wetroom Kits visit or call our sales team on 0845 508 3034

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