The Future: Infra red Taps for Public Washrooms

Why are Infra-red taps the future


Increased Hygiene:

Infra red sensors allows the  user of  a public restrooms to never come into contact with a button, tap or handle. In turn reducing the amount of  bacterial transfer from user to user, therefore

reducing the transfer of illness between the wash room users.

Cost  Saving:

Primarily, the main saving from infra red taps is generated from cutting out wasted water from people leaving taps on or people using excessive water per rinse. Infra red taps achieve this by having features that limits the amount of  water  omitted when the tap is in use and the infra red sensor makes it impossible for a user to leave the tap on.

In a large settings (i.e. schools and airports) these money saving features add up to be very significant.

In the last year Infra red tap usage has increased from 15% to 30%  for  all new commercial buildings, clearly showing  this is the future for the public washrooms.

Here are some of the leading infra red taps :

Infra red Basin Mixer Battery Operated

Sagittarius Infra Red Basin Mixer (SL2903) Battery Operated Only(New)

Sagittarius Infra red Sensor Basin Mixer Tap

Sagittarius Infra Red Sensor Basin Mixer Tap

For more information about Infra red taps visit or call our sales team on 0845 508 3034

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