Choosing a linear wetroom kit

Our linear wetroom kits contain everything you need to create a luxury wetroom, unlike the wetroom kits of some competitors.

You don’t need to keep spending time and money going back for items. Just one purchase and all the tools are at your fingertips.

When selecting a linear wetroom kit, it is important to make sure you choose the right kit for the right floor.

The majority of wetroom kits are suitable for either concrete or timber floors, but we stock a number of wetroom kits such as the Mainstream 1000 x 1000 Linear Wetroom Kit with 800m Pure Tile Drain.

Although it gives the best result on concrete it can be under boarded and used on timber floors. This handy linear wetroom kit is excellent value at just £553.69.

Mainstream 1000 x 1000 Linear Wetroom Kit

Choose from three quality ranges, Mainstream, Living Linear and Maxxus.

Maxxus wetroom kits are mainly for timber floors, while Living Linear and Mainstream wetroom kits can be used on either concrete or timber.

How big will your wetroom be? Unlike some competitors, we stock a variety of different sizes.

When you buy a wetroom kit from Bathroom2u, you know you are getting a product which withstands even the most extreme use.

For example, the Maxxus Wetfloor decks, made from super strong vacuum formed GRP will comfortably support a sustained load of 75 stone (470kilo) load over 16″ (400mm) joist centres without deflection, so requires no under boarding, which saves you money.

Maxxus linear wetroom kit

Our Maxxus linear wetroom kits also have patented NOOD high-flow drains which prevent back-flow and eliminate smells should a water seal trap evaporate.

At Bathroom2u, we are experts in ensuring customers are able to enjoy the right wetroom kit for them. Our outstanding customer reviews show how trusted we are.

Our prices are also excellent value for money, meaning you won’t have to cut back elsewhere to enjoy an excellent wetroom.

We know how frustrating it is to have to put your building projects on hold while you wait for your orders.

All our linear wetroom kits are delivered the next day, so your time isn’t wasted.

So visit our linear wetroom kit page and give our helpful staff a call on 0845 564 8258. Lines are open from 8am to 6pm.

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