What types of baths can I buy?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that there is only one type of bath, and therefore miss the opportunity to make sure they buy a bath that suits their bathroom.

Don’t make this mistake. Don’t be fobbed off by a poor quality selection of baths.

We have an extensive selection of different types of baths, all of them high quality.

For example, freestanding baths are becoming very popular with our customers.

They add a touch of class to any bathroom and have a classic look about them, evoking the bathroom of a country house.

Moods Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are also known as roll top baths and are very popular with people who are restoring houses.

We sell a great selection of freestanding baths from leading company Moods.

Another popular choice of bath are shower baths.

Shower baths come with a tough shower screen that means people do not need to install a separate shower unit as well as their bath.

Moods Shower Bath

Shower baths save their owners a lot of money and also take up less space.

They also reduce the amount of items to clean.

We have a wide selection of high quality shower baths. These are very popular with our customers and are made to a very high standard.

If you are looking for a stylish bath, why not buy a corner bath? Corner baths look great in any bathroom. We only sell the best corner baths.

Corner baths are also very practical. Many hold more water than a regular bath. Corner baths are handy for couples as they allow more than one person to easily sit in the bath at the same time.

Our corner baths are handy for small bathrooms as their design makes them easier to fit in a small space than regular baths.

Moods Corner Bath

Want a more traditional bath? We sell high quality single end and twin end baths. Single end baths have the waste and taps at one end while twin end baths have the waste and tap in the middle.

Choose a twin end bath if you want a choice of which end of the bath you are able to sit.

Many of our baths, such as the Moods Algarve Twin End Bath, use chromotherapy to improve the mood of the person using the bath.

Baths with chromotherapy have several LED’s that can be set to a specific colour to match the mood of the person using the bath or can be allowed run through a pre selected sequence to improve emotional balance.

Remember, when you decide to buy a bath, take time to ensure you buy the one that is right for you.

Your bath is an important part of your bathroom. It is important that you take time to choose the right bath.

Our staff are experts and are able to help you with any query related to baths, or indeed to bathrooms in general.

We offer the option to select the delivery day from a wide range and we use reliable couriers.

Call us on 01235 884104.

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