What types of tap are there?

When you say the word tap, many people just think of the standard basin or bath tap. However, there are many choices of taps.

Firstly, many people prefer mixer taps over the standard two tap arrangement for their bath or basin.

They are easier to use to regulate the temperature as you only have to control one tap rather than two.

They are clearly marked which way to turn for hot or cold water. The mixer taps we sell are of excellent quality and are great value for money.

Many people struggle to use standard taps, for example if they have arthritis. A sensor tap makes a big difference to these people as they do not need to turn the tap to get it to work.

They can simply hold their hand in front of the touch sensor. Sensor taps from Bathroom2u are great quality yet inexpensive.

We sell a wide variety of good quality sensor taps such as the popular Sagittarius Infra Red Sensor Basin Tap, which avoids the spread of illness and germs through its easy to use to sensor.

Sagittarius Infra Red Sensor Basin Tap

As well as having a functional tap that suits your needs, it is also important to find the type of tap design that is right for you.

Are you looking for modern taps? How about the Sagittarius Arke range of taps? Sagittarius Arke taps have a beautiful modern design and a cubic look.

Or are you looking for classic taps? We recommend the Deva Georgian range. With retro white handles and a pleasant classic design, Deva Georgian taps will look great in your bathroom.

Many people find gold taps are the perfect complement to their bathroom. Gold taps look stylish and luxurious.

We sell a wide range of Deva gold taps. The Deva Artesian range is very popular with our customers. Like all Deva taps, they are high quality and have a two years labour guarantee.

You can also buy jet black taps, such as the sleek HIB Roma Compact tap.

HIB Roma Compact

We sell so many different styles of tap. People who think they have to settle for standard taps because there isn’t the style of tap they like are wrong.

It is very important that you buy the tap that is right for you. Many people think that their tap purchase does not matter, but it does. Buying from a company like Bathroom2u which has expert staff, will ensure you get the right taps.

Whatever the style or function of taps you are looking for, Bathroom2u has the right tap for you. Browse our wide selection of high quality taps or give our friendly and helpful staff a call on 01235 884104.

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