What types of shower valve can I choose from?

Many people think that they do not have much choice when it comes to shower valves.

However, there are a number of types of shower valve they can choose from.

Firstly, you need to decide what type of shower valve you want.

Do you want a thermostatic valve or manual valve?

A thermostatic valve cuts off the water flow when it increases above the pre-set temperature

Shower valves fall into five different categories in terms of their operation capabilities:

  1. Sequential (single temperature control and single outlet).
  2. Dual control valve with temperature control and flow control.
  3. Triple control valve with two controls and two outlets, but with a single temperature control
  4. Valve with three controls and two outlets with a temperature control
  5. Valve with three controls and three outlets.

When selecting a shower valve, make sure you find out the minimum water pressure required for the valve to work.

If you are not sure what the water pressure is, contact your water company to find out how to find the water pressure.

Once you know the water pressure, make sure it meets the requirement of the valve you are buying. If you are not sure, call us on 01235 884104.

What brands of shower valve can I choose from?

We stock several different brands of shower valves:

  • Deva shower valves are high quality shower valves with an attractive coating. They have a five year guarantee comprising of two years parts and labour, followed by three years parts only warranty.
  • Ramon Soler shower valves are great quality and are very popular with customers. They have a five year guarantee meaning that you can trust in them for many years.
  • Sagittarius shower valves are of a very high quality. They have a ten year guarantee against manufacturing defects and a ten year guarantee on the high quality chrome plating. These valves are manufactured to BS5412 and BS1010 standards.
  • Tre Mercati shower valves are excellent value for money and very high quality. The range includes non concussive shower valves, which shut off after a certain period of time to ensure that water is not wasted.
  • Grohe shower valves are outstanding quality. When you buy a shower valve from Grohe, you are buying from a company that is experienced at creating long lasting shower valves.
  • We also sell the high quality Abode, Rada and Mira brands of shower valve.

Whatever type or brand of shower valve you need, we sell it at Bathroom2u. Call us on 01235 884104 or visit www.bathroom2u.com to get started.


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