High quality Milton thermostatic mixer showers now available

We are pleased to announce the addition of high quality Milton thermostatic mixer showers to our great value ranges of showers.

These well designed showers control the temperature and therefore ensure your shower is not too hot or too cold, meaning that you will have a better shower experience.

Some of our Milton thermostatic mixer showers are powered by the high quality VERNET thermostatic element.

We sell Milton thermostatic mixer showers at a variety of heights, and some of them are height adjustable.

All of our Milton thermostatic mixer showers have a five year guarantee making them outstanding value for money.
They have a 100% brass riser rail as well as a high quality shower head.

The flow rate you will receive when you install one of these shower depends on the pressure of your water.

Our Milton thermostatic showers will look great in any bathroom.

They are delivered within one to two working days and the delivery charge is very reasonable.

The flow rate depends on your water pressure. All our Milton thermostatic mixer showers are suitable for high pressure systems and some are suitable for low pressure systems as well.

You will love your Milton shower.

We offer rapid delivery and cheap delivery costs.

If you want more information or advice, our expert staff are happy to help you.

Just visit us online or ring 01235 884104.

Milton showers are a great buy. They are made by a leading company which is expert at designing high quality products.

We are proud to stock Milton thermostatic showers and we are pleased to recommend them to our customers.

All these showers, like the rest of our products, are great value for money and are delivered by leading couriers.

These showers are compatible with pumped gravity-fed systems (high pressure), unvented high pressure systems, and combination boiler high pressure.

Buy a Milton thermostatic mixer shower and buy a high quality shower.

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