High quality stainless steel shower heads

Bathroom2u is the best place to buy shower heads from.

We stock high quality stainless steel shower heads by leading manufacturer Milton.

Choose from a great selection of high quality shower heads, some of which also come with the option of selecting the size and shape of shower arm you want.

These ultra thin products are a great buy because they are extremely unlikely to corrode, rust or stain.

400mm Ultra Slim Stainless Steel Shower Head

Our stainless steel shower heads are also extremely resistant to limescale.

Their silicone nozzles mean that build-ups of limescale can simply be wiped away.

This means that these high quality products will not have the issues of poor water flow that some shower heads have due to a build up of limescale.

Stainless steel also looks great in any bathroom and creates a really stylish look.

Brighten up your bathroom with a stainless steel shower head from Bathroom 2u.

Milton stainles steel shower head

They are easy to use and have a great design.

Made by a highly respected company, they are very popular with customers.

You can order these products online or call 01235 884104 to speak to our expert staff.

We only sell the best shower heads and will be able to answer any queries you have.

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